Main exhibition

The Museum’s permanent exhibition is divided into galleries describing and illustrating the main periods of vodka manufacturing in Poland.

At the “Beginning” hall the visitors will learn the three great names of the initial Polish period of spirit making up to the time of the Second World War, determining the highest product standards: the Baczewski family from Lviv (1782), the Potocki family from Łańcut (1784), and Jakob Haberfeld from Oświęcim (1804).

The “Prime and Downfall” gallery has been devoted to the second half of the 19th and first half of the 20th century – so one of the “golden ages” of vodka manufacturing, but also introducing advertising starting with very decorative and diverse carafes up to richly illustrated labels. This space stands also for the period of the Second Polish Republic and a new dynamic in the development of alcohol production, with an addition of the state’s presence under the name of State Alcohol Monopoly, but also its brutal downfall marked by the 2nd world war.

The third gallery named “Vodka and glass” includes a selection of glass and silver shot glasses which will bring the time and territorial division of the vodka consumption culture closer to the visitor. An additional attraction consists in graphically represented fractionating columns combined with a precise multimedia spectacle telling the story of how vodka is made.

The following step made by the visitors will lead them to see the “Prewar alcohols” gallery which holds the biggest treasures of the Museum – full bottles of historical alcohols together with labels of old production plants.

The visit then heads for the “PRL” gallery which is full of graphics and signs, as well as a collection of glass manufactured by the KROSNO company, the oldest glass factory in Poland.

The “Art of bartending” constitutes the following gallery and presents objects related to the history of creating cocktails, but also provides the possibility to taste selected vodkas in accordance with the guests’ preferences.

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