Main exhibition

The Museum’s permanent exhibition is divided into galleries that describe and illustrate main periods in the history of production of vodka in Poland. In the “Początek” (“Beginning”) hall, visitors learn about three great names from the very beginning of the national spirit industry, who had been setting the highest standards of products until the second world war: the Lviv family of Baczewski (1782), the family of Potocki from Łańcut (1784) and Jakob Haberfeld from Oświęcim (1804).

“Rozkwit i Zmierch” (”Rise and Fall”) Gallery is dedicated to the second half of 19th century and the first half of 20th century – so one of the “golden periods” in the production of vodka, but also the period, when broad advertisements were introduced, from very decorative and various carafes to richly illustrated labels. This period also represents the times of the Second Republic and a new dynamic on development of brewing enriched by a presence of state in the form of Państwowy Monopol Spirytusowy (the State Spirit Monopoly), but also its brutal fall marked by the World War II.

In the third gallery of the Museum, called ”Vodka and glass”, do we find a range of glass and silver shot-glasses and carafes, time and territorial range of which shall present the culture of consumption of vodka to visitors. An additional attraction comprises graphically reproduced rectification towers connected with a precise multimedia presentation on how vodka is produced. Another step of a visitor shall be “Stara Probiernia” (”Old Testing Room”), a gallery that covers the most precious treasures of the Museum - full bottles of historical alcohols with signboards of former factories.

Further tour leads to the “PRL” (”Polish People’s Republic”) area filled with graphics and signboards as well as collection of glass produced by KROSNO company, the oldest Polish glassworks. “Sztuka barmańska” (”Bartending”), another gallery, presents items related to the history of creating cocktails, gives the possibility to taste and discover vodkas from Poland and World.

Discovering the history of vodka ends with two galleries - “Współczesność” (”Modernity”), which exhibits the most significant modern achievements of Polish and foreign producers as well as “The world”) area - it’s the area, where a visitor may see historical products created outside Poland.