For more than four centuries now vodka constitutes one of the most popular food products in the world, an object of fascination, obsession, and ecstasy, having a significant impact on social, cultural, and economic life, but also the image of the country abroad. The mission behind the Museum of Vodka is to document and present this phenomenon in all of its multi-color character and complexity of issues concerning the most important alcohol product in the world.


The museum presents the history of vodka since initiating its modern production in 1782 Lviv, until contemporary times. The museum allows also to gain valuable personal experience by providing an opportunity to taste the best, carefully selected types of this noble drink.


The exhibits of the Museum of Vodka, unique on a global scale, have been created by combining the rich collections gathered by Adam Łukawski and Piotr Popiński over the course of more than 20 years. Elements donated or rented by alcohol manufacturers, institutions, museums, and private collectors from Poland and abroad constitute an addition to the collection. The items will be presented in the form of permanent and seasonal exhibitions, as well as during lectures, workshops, or educational classes. The Museum of Vodka by the Theatre Square in Warsaw constitutes one of the most interesting museum concepts in Europe as well as a must-see tourist attraction on the map of Warsaw.